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lesimsfashionista replied to your post: I am so sad because like the morphs bo…

Awww Boopie!! that dress is beautiful too but if u cant morph it thats fine i’ll still dl it <3

I want to morph it so everyone can use it on their sims :/ it’s just upsetting

I am so sad because like the morphs bork with the dress ughh >.< and I try to manually do them, it just adds more faces :/

Anonymous asked: Where do you get you textures for your hairs?

the textures was from SL long ago when I converted it the hairs before but I deleted majority of them anyways. I don’t wanna deal with no SL fiasco

Broadcast heree!

HEREE <——-

Anyone home and online?

Wanna broadcast soon :)

Anonymous asked: Hey, I just had a question about sliders. How do you enable the game to let you use more that the EA amount?

Sliders multiplier in Nrass mod would let you increase up to 10 I think. Do you use mods?

I want to put galaxy overlay on my hoodies.. Lol argh. Just do bunch of fixing on all of my projects and more surprises to do. :)

If I do this pose.. would you download it?

If I do this pose.. would you download it?

Anonymous asked: What you make cc with ?

Already answered it here

Okay, I’m going to say something that maybe I will regret later, but it’s my honest opinion and I can’t watch this anymore (and I just woke up). If you don’t like a piece of CC don’t fucking download it. No one forces you to. And also the creator has no obligation to make something to your liking, CC IS A GIFT. NOT A RIGHT. And now repeat with me, CC IS A GIFT, NOT A RIGHT.


Sorry, this doesn’t go to everyone, I know some people know this and respect it, but some people not, and they are going to keep bitching, because that’s their thing, but the point is made.
And if you feel offended by this, well…. you shouldn’t, if you do then think a little bit
Creators don’t owe you anything. You should be happy that they make CC for people like me that doesn’t know more than texturing.

Lol.. what is happening here?

Anonymous asked: are you still offering for people to test the hoodie??

No, I’m fixing it soon. I have finals this week :/

Anonymous asked: What do you make your cc with ?

Few 3D programs, Maya is one of the best and used to it. Photoshop for texture on the mesh, TSR Workshop is a bitch but we all gotta use it for exporting it into the game :/ blah.

Anonymous asked: Hello I love your CC! I was wondering if you knew where I could find some black barbie dolls for my kids and toddlers? Maybe one with curly hair.

I never seen any barbie dolls in the game O.O sorry anon :/

Anonymous asked: Is there anyway I can download that female curly hair?

can you? i fixed the link..