Thank you all for you feed back on Sims 4! I’m glad some of you enjoy the game! I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me because like, I wanted the game since I saw pretty pictures but the livestream from other players looked so boring lol. Idk, maybe I should stay strong and wait on it til new EPs come out lol.. Idk what else is new besides Sims don’t react to death, can’t kill Sims on purpose, borky devil baby spawns and so on lol.. We’ll have to see 😝

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How do everyone like Sims 4?

Since people was trashing Sims 4 and ending up playing it showing pretty screens.. I saw the livestream.. It looked ok but when pictures and stuff, I end up wanting it.. lol. Is Sims 4 worth it? Someone gave it 4/10 o.o

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Ima justt…

Order Sims 4, get BF4, COD, Infamous Son and preorder Destiny.. yeah.. that’s about it…

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Idk if I should get ts4 or another ps4 game.

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Idk why anons are so salty today? You can’t just go around ruining someone’s happiness if you ain’t happy. You can’t affect anyone, be happy and maybe you’ll feel good about yourself. At end of the the day, its a game. It’s A GAME, I REPEAT ITS A GAME. Its a game we all love and share, The Sims. 20 years from now we would look back and have laughs for the fun we have on this site. So why be salty and send rude messages? Let people have their fun and keep your negativity to yourself.

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Anonymous said: what is VPN and do you still have to buy the game?

VPN makes up your IP address to keep anonymous for your pirating needs or can’t wait for release of anything you want so it sets your IP in ANY country.  yeah you do have to buy the game unless you got a friend that already got the game

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I’m playing assassin’s Creed black flag. First time I ever play AC. Lololol worth every price

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did you guys get the memo? they aren’t releasing TS4 anymore. they cancelled the whole game. sorry

Lol wait what? O.o

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I’ll just go buy BF4 and Assassin Creed to download it on my PS4, yea? Msg me if you wanna add me online.

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…. I think I wanna create for SL instead of Sims 4, but I will still create for Sims 3. Sorry for being a lazy asshole that never finished anything.

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Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3


I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

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Anonymous said: for your fall look where did you get those boots with the knit leg warmers?

I don’t really remember I’ll have to check back and look.

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Anonymous said: Will you upload the toddler blanket wrap?

If I do, I will have to create poses with it lol it’s a accessory that’s assigned to one joint

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I honestly think it’s low of EA rise the recommended specs so high after telling us that they’re making the game accessible to everyone, sure almost all computers can run Sims 4 but.. Adding EPs and SPs wouldn’t be fair to everyone. I thought everything was cut for better performance but I guess not. The game should have been better tbh..

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Fall look,.. lol

Fall look,.. lol

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