Is the PSN down atm? I’m trying to create a account for my ps4 on PC and the ps4 but no luck.

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Anonymous said: Will you upload the toddler blanket wrap?

If I do, I will have to create poses with it lol it’s a accessory that’s assigned to one joint

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I honestly think it’s low of EA rise the recommended specs so high after telling us that they’re making the game accessible to everyone, sure almost all computers can run Sims 4 but.. Adding EPs and SPs wouldn’t be fair to everyone. I thought everything was cut for better performance but I guess not. The game should have been better tbh..

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Fall look,.. lol

Fall look,.. lol

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D; lol tears of joy

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Desktop new graphics card :D

Desktop new graphics card :D

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Upgrade was success :P
Settings are tweaked and ready to go, you can check in my updated specs now

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Bout to upgrade the desktop now 😊

Bout to upgrade the desktop now 😊

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The tutorial video will be on my YouTube account this week. I’m trying my very best to be informative to help out with the meshes and textures.

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The baby finally* came..

The baby finally* came..

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Do anyone want a tutorial video on how I do my meshes and texture???

I mean I can try, I would have text version than talk because I honestly do sorta sound funny due to my hearing impairment.

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Sims 4 bodies

So, I extracted bodies from Sims 4, don’t ask me how - it is a bit complicated and can crash your demo of you will click something wrong. Here are bodies from Sims 4+textures.

You can see some differency between S3 and S4 male mannequins.

I put S4 hair with preview, I didn’t include it in archive.

Skintones are with underwear as I extracted, maybe S4 doesn’t want to have nude skintones( or maybe they will be in full game), but creators will paint normal skins :P

I convert them as obj, so you can open them in different 3d programms.

Download Sims 4 male mannequin+textures

Download Sims 4 female mannequin+textures

Tag me if you will use them, i would like to see some retextures or modifications:)

About clothing and hairs I need to say that clothing detached into a few pieces, as example jacket has about 7 groups( in Sims 3 we saw that we have 2 or 3 groups maximum…)

Hairs have 4 LOds and as example I extracted this short hair with bangs and noticed that it detached into 3 parts every LOds. I show only Very High LOD and move parts a bit to show them.

omfggg I will get started on SIMS 4 CC :DD

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Caster - Create a Style for The Sims 4!



Caster is an image editing tool allowing players of The Sims 4 (and of course, the Create a Sim demo) to quickly and easily create patterns and recolours for CAS parts and - hopefully in the future - build mode objects. Caster is based on the Create a Style tool for The Sims 3. You just input…


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Tonight’s livestream :D fixed the faces issue on cuffed parted but i don’t like it.. What you guys think?

Tonight’s livestream :D fixed the faces issue on cuffed parted but i don’t like it.. What you guys think?

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Thank you for watching* my livestream!

I have to fix the face issue in maya sorry for exiting out. I felt like I was taking too long lol that people stopped watching, the video will be up later.

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